martes, 1 de febrero de 2011



There are several different ways to celebrate Christmas in the U.S and each family seems to have their own tradition. My Christmas includes going to Midnight Mass, decorating the house and tree, eating a large lunch on Christmas day, and of course opening gifts. These traditions are how my family and I celebrate the holidays and I am sure to pass them on someday.

There is nothing better than the smell of a freshly cut Christmas tree in you living room. Each year my family and I have the tradition of going out and finding the perfect tree and cutting it down to decorate for Christmas. Some families prefer a fake tree, but we enjoy the real thing. Every decoration has its specific place in the house. Each year the same decorations are put out in the Same spot. We have the three wise men figures, reindeer, Music boxes, and Santa Claus figures. We decorate the tree together usually two days before Christmas and the stockings are laid out under the fire place.

Christmas eve is the 24th of December and it is full of food and drinks. There is a well known drink called Egg Nog which tastes like vanilla milk with cinnamon. It is very sweet and we drink it all through the night and on Christmas day. Each year my mother makes the best apple pie in the world and we snack on appetizers and dips all night until it is time for church.

My family chooses to go to Midnight Mass. We do this so we have all day to relax and enjoy each others company without needing to leave the house. After mass We exchange our secret Santa gifts, or Amigo invisible and we go to bed. The next morning is always hectic and exciting.

The 25th is Christmas morning. There is always a fire that warms the living room where we all congregate to open our presents. The Stockings are always the first to be opened and consists of little presents and sometimes coal if you were bad. After we open presents we are all very hungry and wait anxiously while my mother prepares a huge lunch.

A Christmas ham is typical in many families however we choose to cook turkey or pork. My Mom makes every side imaginable like bread, vegetables, mashed potatoes, stuffing, shrimp, and dips. Then there is always her apple pie and cookies to finish off the meal.

Every family has there own traditions and it is fun to hear how the same holiday can be celebrated in different ways. For me it is the smell of a fresh cut tree, a fire in the fireplace, great food, and being surrounded by family that makes Christmas such a good holiday. Merry Christmas, enjoy the New year!